to INCUBATE that sacred "baby" the world so desperately needs and BE your authentic self. We are here to help you birth YOUR movement.

We are a safe place

                                                          to this moment in time, to you, with a heart that yearns to pass on my breakthrough so we can flourish together as sisters. You can read more about my experiences and the contexts in which I've supported and coached. I'd be honored to hear your story...Send me an email to tell me more about you and your needs!

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A word from your coach:

Your heart mapping journey starts

I’ll never forget how utterly lost & trapped I felt inside myself at my lowest point in life, like I had lost touch with everything that was “me”. At my lowest point my inner critic was raging.

Girl, I felt trapped inside my thoughts, feelings and efforts to make peace in a situation that was hopeless. I drove myself into the ground trying to save my marriage, to save everyone around me! I left myself nothing, because I didn't value myself or see my own worth.

My story gets worse before it gets better, but somehow, someway, by loads of grace I came through an impossible situation. I had to build back up from nothing. Yet my nothing became my everything, because it gave me a solid foundation, intense compassion and a story to share with the world. Thanks a bunch, pain!

All My Struggles Brought Me Here

You have come this far but sense there’s still a well of untapped potential with your name on it. Maybe you are somehow a successful woman but you’ve never felt your success expresses your deepest longings and passions. Perhaps you’ve been successful in one arena and find yourself ready for a new adventure. 

You might even be sick of trying to be productive and effective but instead finding yourself in recurring ruts and self-sabatoging patterns. Insert the power of our collective of women! It’s your season to free the passionate, wild woman inside and shine your light into the world.

There’s no way I could have overcome and grown alone. We’re designed to need people. We need a support system, and we need a coach.

Here's what I know

-You need to break free and finally love & like yourself? 

-The inner critic in your head is loud!?

-You're really hard on yourself?

-You are worn thin and sick of striving? 

-You notice a disconnect you can't pinpoint?

-You have trouble defining your yeses and no’s?

-You feel stuck & unable to move forward? 

-How about feeling it’s too late for your dream or that someone is already doing it?

-You've forgotten who you are and what you're most passionate about?

-You know you're a leader born for greatness?

-Are you all about discovering what God has placed inside of you? 

Do you feel that:

So tell me, are you ready to journey into becoming who you already are?

I'm Ready!

email me & tell me your goals!

Still Not Sure?

What Does The Program Entail?

I will take you through a process of unbecoming in order to become your truest self

I will help you bust through your limiting beliefs, patterns, and old-ways so you can rise up and experience your greatest potential.

I will help you remember who and whose you are and your purpose on earth.

We will provide in-depth coaching using strengths based assessments and outcomes unique to you

Together, we will come up with a language that resonates with who you are and what your creative genius looks, feels, and sounds like.

We will dream, create a vision board, and plan a strategy of next steps in the journey

Sound like what you've
been missing?

Yes! I Am IN!

1. Reconcile 
2. Remember 
3. Renew 
4. Release

Our unique HEART MAPPING PROCESS called RECLAIM has four phrases of unbecoming and becoming:



what You'll receive

1. 8 one-on-one sessions of personal coaching over 8 weeks
2. Activations to further your learnings, tailored to your unique needs & pace
3. Personal guidance in between sessions via messaging and Marco Polo
4. Private group of like-minded women cheering each other on
Access to assessments and personal logins & reports (required-additional $50)
5. Guest coaching session with one of our partner coaches
{My FAVE BONUS if you sign up during our launch dates!}

Contact & Get Started Today!

It’s your time to reconnect to your heart of hearts, 
your creative genius and 

From our personal testimonies of overcoming adversity, abuse, and self-hatred and developing deep resiliency and confidence, we have designed a 1-to-1 program to lead you into a journey from restoration to completion.



Libby truly is an incredible coach!! She is amazing at asking questions I never considered and making me feel so heard! She also encouraged me to do the strengths finder. It was life changing and helped me see my gifts finally and feel confident in my calling and how my uniqueness can shine! It has been life changing for me. 

-marnie Baxter

"Libby drew me out of the lonely shell I had been hiding in. She triggered my creative side that hadn’t flowed in a longgggg time, and reminded me that life isn’t all that serious and how important it is to have FUN even when life is painful. Libby sparked a sense of freedom in me I hadn’t tasted in awhile. There is something about the way she brings people out of their shell, it’s beautiful. "

-Arden Baxter